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Why Complete Pest Control?

At Complete Pest Control, we harness our deep local knowledge and over 25 years of industry expertise to provide exceptional pest control services in Strathpine and the surrounding areas. Our dedicated team ensures each client receives tailored and effective solutions, addressing the unique challenges of their environment with precision and care.



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The Strathpine Pest control professionals

Our thorough Strathpine pest inspection services cater to both residential and commercial properties, offering protection against termites and other pests. With detailed assessments and customized solutions, we ensure your property stays pest-free and fully compliant with regulations.

Dedicated to safety and quality

We are dedicated to providing the safest and most effective pest control solutions. Utilising environmentally safe products and the latest technology, we ensure every treatment plan is not only effective but also sustainable and safe for both families and pets.

Comprehensive pest solutions

Complete Pest Control provides a wide array of pest control services tailored to residential, commercial, and industrial needs. Our extensive offerings ensure that we can effectively manage any pest issue, from termites and rodents to spiders and possums, with expertise and efficiency.

Versatile client services

Our expertise spans multiple sectors, delivering customized pest control solutions to a diverse range of clients, from homeowners to large businesses. This adaptability allows us to tackle unique pest challenges effectively, earning us a reputation as a trusted partner for both private residences and commercial enterprises.

Fast and dependable service

At Complete Pest Control, we are committed to offering prompt and reliable service. Our swift response times and efficient treatment plans ensure that you won't endure pest problems for long. This dependability is why customers rely on us for both urgent and routine pest control needs.

Suppliers we trust

Our comprehensive services

WWe provide a diverse range of targeted pest control services across Strathpine, designed to effectively address specific pest issues. Whether managing residential infestations or tackling complex commercial pest challenges, our skilled technicians deliver top-quality solutions across all sectors.

Residential pest solutions

Enjoy peace of mind with Complete Pest Control’s residential services, specifically designed to eliminate pests from your home while ensuring the utmost safety for your family.

Commercial pest solutions

Ensure your business operations run smoothly without the disruptions of pest infestations. Our services help your business maintain health standards and uphold a stellar reputation.

Advanced termite control

Using cutting-edge technology and methods, we offer both preventive solutions and treatments to eradicate existing termite infestations, safeguarding your property.

Other Strathpine pest control services

Our thorough pest inspection service covers detailed evaluations for insects, rodents, birds, and possums. From the initial assessment to personalised control plans, we ensure your property stays pest-free, providing effective and efficient protection against infestations.

Complete Pest Control

Say goodbye to pests! Take action today and reclaim your space!

Rodent control

We provide immediate rodent removal and implement long-term prevention strategies, ensuring your space remains healthy and rodent-free.

Spider control

Our treatments effectively eliminate current spider infestations and establish barriers to prevent future issues, keeping your space safe and spider-free.

Insect control

Our environmentally friendly solutions target a range of pests, from cockroaches and silverfish to mosquitoes, bees, ants, and fleas, eradicating infestations today and preventing them tomorrow.

Bird control

We utilise non-invasive, humane deterrents and management strategies to prevent birds from causing damage or becoming a nuisance.

Possum control

Our licensed removal services comply with local wildlife regulations, ensuring possums are removed effectively and safely relocated.

Customised Strathpine treatment

We start each client interaction with a thorough assessment to understand your specific pest challenges. This is followed by a detailed property inspection using the latest technology and methods. Based on our findings, we create a customised treatment plan tailored to your unique needs. Each step of our process, from the initial contact to post-treatment follow-ups, is designed for maximum effectiveness and minimal disruption to your daily life.

Strathpine’s trusted pest control specialists for over 20 years

For more than two decades, residents and businesses in Strathpine have trusted Complete Pest Control for our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and extensive industry experience. Our reputation is built on successfully resolving numerous pest issues, both large and small, making us a trusted leader in the community. Clients rely on us not just for our expertise but for our commitment to providing reliable and effective solutions that keep their environments pest-free.

Pest Control Guarantee in Strathpine

At Complete Pest Control, we stand behind every service we provide with strong guarantees and workmanship warranties. We are dedicated to delivering Strathpine with pest control solutions of the highest quality. Our guarantees assure clients that we will resolve their immediate pest problems and offer ongoing support to prevent future infestations. This commitment to excellence gives our clients the confidence and peace of mind they need when choosing us as their pest management partner.

Years of Strathpine pest management solutions

For over 25 years, Complete Pest Control has been a cornerstone of the Strathpine community, offering unparalleled expertise and a rich history of exceptional service in the pest management industry. Our legacy goes beyond mere longevity; it reflects our ongoing dedication to evolving and enhancing our services. This commitment to excellence has established us as a trusted leader, known for setting and upholding high standards in reliable, effective, and humane pest control solutions.

Frequently asked questions

What makes Complete Pest Control different from other pest control companies in North Brisbane?

Complete Pest Control sets itself apart through a commitment to environmentally safe products, a family-operated ethos, and over 25 years of experience in the industry. We offer tailored solutions and a deep understanding of local pest challenges.

Is Complete Pest Control environmentally conscious in its methods?

Absolutely, we use eco-friendly and Pyrethrum-based products that are safe for both the environment and your family, ensuring that our pest control methods adhere to Health Department Regulations.

What type of warranty does Complete Pest Control offer?

We provide a Termidor $2 Million warranty for termite treatments, ensuring your property's protection against termite damage alongside our standard service guarantees.

Does Complete Pest Control offer services for both residential and commercial properties?

Yes, we provide comprehensive pest control solutions tailored for both residential homes and commercial properties, including offices, restaurants, and hotels, ensuring a pest-free environment regardless of your property type.

How experienced are the technicians at Complete Pest Control?

Our technicians are highly trained and possess years of experience. They utilise the latest technology and strategies to deliver effective pest control solutions, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and innovation in pest management.

Can Complete Pest Control handle all types of pests?

Yes, we are equipped to deal with a wide range of pests including termites, rodents, cockroaches, spiders, insects, birds, and possums. Each pest is handled with specific, effective solutions designed to target and eradicate the problem thoroughly.

What kind of pest inspections does Complete Pest Control offer?

Our types of timber pest inspections include pre-purchase pest inspections for the home buyer,  and annual  timber pest inspections carried out to the Australian standard a thorough full written report detailing all findings and recommendations will be issued on completion.

How quickly can I expect Complete Pest Control to respond to a pest emergency?

We are known for our prompt response to pest emergencies. Our team strives to address your pest concerns with speed and efficiency, often providing services within the same day of request.

Does Complete Pest Control provide any ongoing pest management programs?

Yes, we offer ongoing pest management programs that include regular inspections and treatments to ensure that your property remains pest-free in the long term, helping you prevent future infestations.

How does Complete Pest Control ensure the safety of children and pets during treatment?

Safety is our top priority. We use safe, non-toxic treatment options wherever possible and clearly communicate any necessary precautions to protect your children and pets during and after the pest control treatment.

Secure your property with Complete Pest Control today

Ready to secure your property against pests? Contact Complete Pest Control today to schedule a comprehensive inspection or treatment. Our friendly experts are just a phone call away, ready to provide you with a detailed, obligation-free quote. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home or business is protected by the best in the industry. Don’t wait for pests to become a bigger problem. Call us on 07 3269 4939 or fill out our online form now and take the first step towards a pest-free environment.

Hear from our amazing clients

"It is our pleasure to recommend Complete Pest control. For the past four years Bill, Jesse and Michelle Wood have provided us with excellent service. Our house is absolutely free of termites and other creepy crawlers. We have always been satisfied with their great job."

Fazila & Sulaiman A.

"We have been using Complete Pest Control for about 10 years for our annual termite inspections and inspect sprays. Bill, Michelle and Jessie are always great to deal with and we have full confidence in their inspections. They are always reliable, on time and are very thorough and since we found Complete Pest Control we have never considered using anyone else. They are great at what they do and are terrific people too.

Dan J.

"Michelle and team are very trustworthy and very proactive at reminding me for yearly Pest Control Treatment so one less thing to worry about when it comes to that time of the year. I have been using them for past 3 years and would recommend anyone who is looking for Pest Treatment Services to give them a try."

Devarasetti M R.

"I would like to bring it to your attention that the two lads that came out were terrific, they were polite, friendly and didn’t leave me with a massive window cleaning job. They did a great job. I will certainly recommend your company should I be asked."

Vivien K.

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